The lifespan of many machines is limited. When a machine breaks down, refurbishment may sometimes prove unfeasible or impossible - in such a situation, it is worth taking advantage of the machinery scrapping service we offer. With the right qualifications, we will carry out the service quickly and efficiently - and we can also dismantle and transport your machines. We do this with the safety of both your employees and the environment in mind. Scrapping is necessary when a machine is no longer suitable for further use, e.g. it is too old. Industrial equipment disposal can also be used when it is not suitable for sale and must be removed from the shop floor for various reasons. We have the necessary permits and a suitably equipped technical base at our disposal, so we can carry out the order in accordance with the applicable standards.

Why scrap machinery?

By scrapping your machinery, you will gain additional space on the production floor - allowing you to purchase and install new equipment, for example. Disposal is a legal procedure that allows you to dispose of your old equipment efficiently. We dispose of both industrial machinery and process lines. What is more, if necessary, we are able to assist you with the decommissioning of the entire production facility.