We offer a relocation service for machines and entire production lines. As part of the service, we also offer machine assembly and disassembly. At your request, we can dismantle the machines and transport them to the specified location, as well as perform all the necessary energy or machine geometry measurements. Thanks to our extensive experience and professional technical facilities, we are able to undertake the transfer of machines both nationally and internationally.

The machinery relocation service includes the following activities:

  • creating a task plan according to the expectations and possibilities of the plant,
  • preparation of individual machines or complete lines for dismantling,
  • appropriate labelling of individual devices,
  • dismantling of machinery, disconnection from installations,
  • equipment security,
  • loading of machinery and necessary equipment,
  • moving machinery to a new location,
  • unloading and installation of the equipment on the pre-fabricated foundations (if none are available, suitable foundations are made),
  • connecting the necessary utilities or making them if they are not available,
  • commissioning and performance testing of machines.

Relocation of industrial lines

The industrial line relocation service is aimed at all of you who require fast and safe transportation of the industrial line and its associated equipment. We take care of the complete disassembly of the line and the loading of the machinery onto a suitable means of transport, even if you are using large-scale equipment - we will unload and reassemble the entire production line at the specified location. We also make sure that the industrial line is fully adapted to the new space.

Why should you outsource your industrial removal to us?

An industrial removal is a task that cannot be carried out without the right organisational measures. Therefore, it is necessary to plan everything - and this is a task for people with the right qualifications and experience. Working with us will ensure that the undertaking is completed on schedule and does not expose you to financial loss. During an industrial move, components can easily be damaged. Our employees carry out their duties with due diligence, which is a guarantee that the task will be completed quickly and accurately.