We offer industrial removals, both nationally and internationally. We provide comprehensive services - from mechanical and electrical dismantling of machinery, through loading to transport, assembly and commissioning at the new site. In doing so, we ensure that the equipment is properly marked and that the documentation required for its transfer is completed.

Our machine removals include:

  • dismantling of machinery including disconnection from utilities,   
  • shrink-wrapping,    
  • preparation for transit and loading,     
  • transport in Poland and abroad, 
  • organisation of oversize transport,
  • assembly of machinery, including foundation preparation and installation,
  • installation of machinery,
  • moving machinery and production lines within the plant,
  • scrapping of machinery and equipment (we have the relevant permits),
  • design, construction and installation of additional infrastructure,
  • maintenance and repair of machinery in industrial plants,
  • restoring the site after dismantling the machine to its original state or developing it in some other way.

Transport of machinery

We can help organise almost any type of transport. The price of transport depends on the route, weight and dimensions of the equipment. The transfer of machinery is mainly carried out using containers and standard semi-trailers, however, if necessary, we also use low-loader trailers. We have the necessary knowledge of cargo securing and stowage. We also deal with oversize transport.

Installation of machines on the finished foundation

The installation of the machines on the finished foundation starts with measuring the flatness of the ground. If it is even and levelled, setting the equipment in place will not be problematic. Precision in the preparation of foundations for the installation of machinery is extremely important, as there can be stress in poorly positioned and installed equipment that causes the machine not to comply with the parameters.

Construction of foundations for machinery

Every foundation for a machine is made in accordance with the architectural and structural design included in the technical documentation of the given machine. In the event that a particular design does not include a reinforcement drawing, our team of constructors produces a suitable design.

The first step in laying the foundation for the machine is to excavate the foundation trench and examine the characteristics of the ground - primarily its composition and bearing capacity. If necessary, we replace the soil and compact it accordingly. The next stage is the preparation of the reinforcement, levelling of the foundation and pouring concrete of the specified parameters.