We offer comprehensive assembly of machines both in Poland, Europe and other countries. We service production facilities, warehouses and factories - we carry out orders including the assembly of single devices and entire production lines. We can perform the assembly of machines on a ready foundation, but we also offer the service of making new foundations, adapted to any requirements and loads. The machine assembly service is an integral part of machine relocation. Once the machine has been placed on the foundation and the appropriate installation has been made, we proceed to connect and start up the given machine/equipment.

Anyone who contracts us to install and dismantle machinery can rest assured that the equipment will be assembled correctly and will function as it did before dismantling. We plan all stages of the work carefully and ensure that the machine parts are secured and labelled - this makes the assembly stage run smoothly and without disruption. Our employees are professionals who are fully aware that your machine components are not only expensive but also often difficult to obtain.

Why commission us to install the machines?

We have been assembling and dismantling machinery for companies in many industries for many years. As a result, we have gained experience that enables us to quickly and efficiently install both newer and older equipment. The installation of machines in our company is handled by a team of experienced mechanics, electricians, automation specialists and plumbers - this guarantees that the entire process will be carried out with care for the safety of not only your machines, but also your employees.