How are the machines connected to the foundations?

Some machines require connection to foundations. The purpose of this is to transfer the static and dynamic loads that the machine generates to the ground. We will advise about what foundations are made of for machines, how they are connected and what effects can be achieved?

What are the foundations for the machines made of? 

The design of the foundation for a machine must be made for the specific machine, as each machine generates different loads. It is also important to know that, in the eyes of the law, such an installation constitutes a separate structure. Depending on your needs, foundations for machines can be either direct or indirect. Direct foundations include boxes, grates and foundation blocks, while indirect foundations include wells and piles. A machine that is placed on a foundation must be connected to it using anchor bolts. Before installing machinery on the foundation, the static load on the foundation must be determined.

In practice, this means that it is necessary to know the weights of the individual parts of the machine and how they are supported on the foundation and the size of the support area of each component. Another issue is to determine the dynamic loading on the foundation. In this case, it is necessary to know the dynamic diagram of the machine, the values of the dynamic loads and where they are applied, the frequency of drive and rotation of the machine, as well as its drive and how it is attached to the foundation.

How to protect foundations from dangerous vibrations? 

It is extremely important to protect the foundation from dangerous vibrations when constructing it. So-called vibration isolation must be used for this purpose. We can distinguish between active and passive vibration isolation. The former is carried out in order to reduce the transmission of vibrations from the source, i.e. from the machine to the foundation.

Passive vibration isolation, on the other hand, is carried out to reduce the transmission of vibrations that originate from the ground to the machine, where they are unacceptable. This keeps the structure safe and allows the machine connected to the foundations to be used comfortably.